Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The plays will be automatically sent to the realtime Discord channel after our servers run the statistics once halftime lines are released by the sportsbooks. Usually around 2-3 mins after game goes to half. (make sure you have push notifications on)

Some days there will be zero plays and some days multiple plays. Remember we are not looking for action, we wait till our computers find an edge using real time stats and halftime lines.

You should, Our algorithm is profitable over a large sample of games. There will be periods of winning streaks and losing streaks. There will be variance!

No, those claims are the easiest way to identify a SCAMMER! The best professional gamblers in the world only win 57-62% of the time. That is all that is required to be very profitable. You only need to win 52.5 % of games to be profitable.

NO SUCH THING AS A LOCK! You should wager 2-3% of your bankroll per play, this is a journey. Rarely there will be a Golden play released which means the algorithm gives a large statistical edge and it is ok to play 150% to 200% of normal play.

Three reasons:
- We are limited to how much we can wager in our area.
- With Sportsbooks exploding across the United States we feel there are many more places to wager that won’t affect our edge.
- The third reason is we remember how we always felt losing without an edge so we wanted to help others.

No, Like I said earlier the edge is achieved over a larger sample size. We don’t want clients to only experience our service over a short period of time when there can be variance. We want to approach this like the casino does, let the edge work in your favor over a large sample size.