Second Half Play Packages

Are you tired of losing at sports betting and watching your money funnel into the sportsbooks and bookies pockets? This is the same issue we had, so we took a step back and tried to figure out if it was possible to ever win over the long run.

The Solution:

First we realized that all of the sportsbooks are not in the business to lose money and spend enormous amounts of money to employ mathematicians and computer programmers to make models to produce EXTREMELY accurate FULL GAME lines which obviously makes it hard for YOU to win over a period of time. When sportsbooks put out lines on the games they have plenty of time to use their computer models and have the sharpest bettors bet the games and make the odds even sharper so when YOU go to place a bet there is almost no value left for YOU.

We realized in order to have a chance at winning we needed to hire our own programmers and stats experts to figure out a way to win that was not obvious to even the sportsbooks.. The answer was staring us right in the face. There is no EDGE in full pre-game wagering off of paper stats, the EDGE is analyzing in-game stats and how teams are actually matching up REAL-TIME and then taking advantage of cookie cutter lines set by sportsbooks at the half.

At halftime we analyze the stats from the first half of play and see where an EDGE exists. We then take advantage of “soft, cookie cutter” lines. Sportsbooks do not take into account ANY stats at halftime and base the second half line with an algorithm of the current score and a set percentage of the full game line. Once we realized this we were able to create the extremely profitable algorithm we use today.

With the explosion of sports betting across the country and new online sportsbooks everywhere, we don’t fear hurting our own performance by releasing this information to the public and take pride in helping our fellow sports bettor turn the tables on the sportsbooks and beat them at their own game.

Through 4/03:
Thru NBA Finals: